​​​Live Life Colorfully

About Lisa

​​​​I hope that my paintings will convey a sense of joy, levity and pleasure, as well as making the observers' lives more colorful and smile-filled.

​​​I am a new artist as I have only been painting since February of 2015.​I am self-taught, but quite prolific. I have 21 pieces under my belt, two of which are already in private collections.

As a Laughter Yoga Teacher for over nine years, people say I have grown into a joyful, light-hearted, highly creative woman with a playful spirit and a boundless zest for life which fuel and ignite my passion for painting. This passion is clearly reflected in my artwork.

​Having traveled extensively, I am inspired by the wildlife and colors of nature: The reefs off Bora Bora, the rainforests of Belize, the mountains of Montana and the northern lights of Alaska. Combined with the influences of Central American Art such as the vivid hand-stitched Mola's of the Panamanian Kuna tribe, the cheery and brightly glazed Talavera pottery of Mexico, and the brilliant and lively hand-carved tribal masks of Colombia. These are all the elements found in my art work.